Present and Past Colorado GOP Officeholders Supporting Conservative Tom Tancredo

A large number of past and present Republican officeholders in Colorado are providing public support to the gubernatorial candidacy of former Congressman Tom Tancredo.

The sixth congressional district of Colorado is now represented by Republican Congressman Mike Hoffman and was formerly represented by Tom Tancredo.  Congressman Hoffman is publicly supporting Mr. Tancredo and was present at a Tancredo rally on October 18th in Aurora, Colorado, along with more than thirteen hundred other Tancredo supporters.

Former Republican Congressman and State Republican Party Chair Bob Beauprez and former Republican Congressman Joel Helfley are supporting Tom Tancredo.  State Board of Education Chairman and former Republican Congressman Bob Schaffer has endorsed Mr. Tancredo.

Colorado Republican State Senators Greg Brophy, Shawn Mitchell, Ted Harvey and Russell Pearce all publicly support Mr. Tancredo.  Colorado Republican Senator and State Senate Minority Leader Mike Kopp is supporting Tom Tancredo.  Additionally, Colorado Republican State Representatives Cheri Gerou, Cindy Acree, Kent Lambert, Marsha Looper and Spencer Swalm all have endorsed Tom Tancredo.  Sheriffs Grayson Robinson, William Frangis and Gerald Wallace are each supporting Mr. Tancredo.

There are many, many more present and former Republican officeholdes supporting Tom Tandredo.  Why are so many past and present Republican officeholders endorsing Tom Tancredo?

A poll by Rasmussen Reports conducted on October 14, 20100, puts conservative Tom Tancredo within four points of left-wing Democrat John Hickenlooper.  The Rasmussen poll found support for Hickenlopper at 42% and support for Tancredo at 38%.  Rasmussen stated that support for Dan Maes “continues to fall” and placed his support at 12%.

The present and former Republican officeholders know Tom Tancredo has been a solid conservative during his entire public career.  He frequently obtained scores of 100% from the American Conservative Union and the National Right to Life Committee during his congressional career.  Mr. Tancredo was always a reliable pro-life vote while serving in Congress.  In fact, he has always been 100% pro-life.

Tom Tancredo received an “A” from then National Taxpayers Union (NTU) for each year that he served in Congress and received a “Taxpayers’ Friend Award” for each year that he served in Congress. On multiple occasions, he  ranked among the top five of all four hundred thirty-five members of the United States House of Representatives in NTU’s rankings of House members.  Former Congressman Rep. Tancredo is pro-second amendment.  He received a grade of “A” from the National Rifle Association for the 2006 election cycle.

Colorado Republican Chairman Dick Wadhams described Maes in an interview as “the worst candidate in Colorado history we’ve ever had for governor and one of the most polarizing.”  According to the Colorado Statesman, in an e-mail exchange with a handful of Republicans in Arapahoe County after the above comment, Wadhams explained, “I can’t officially support Tancredo in my position but I’m perfectly free to assess the quality of the Republican nominee.”