Some things that need to be said at the next debate.

John McCain actually returned to Washington at the behest of Harry Reid who said the country needed him. After Mr. McCain received the request HE STOPPED EVERYTHING and returned to Washington. What next ensued reminds me of the scene from Braveheart, one of the most painful scenes in the movie. When Wallace unmasks one of the kings minions after battle to reveal Robert The Bruce. The look of utter grief and disbelief. When McCain got back to Washinton, Harry Reid acted as if he had no idea why Mr. McCain returned to Washington, and said it was a political move. McCain acted with honor, as a good soldier, and a hero. He was backstabbed, and Reid used one of the most precarious events in our countries’ history to try and ruin this Warrior. Disgusting. I hope John McCain lets the American people know what trully happened.