Is Obama Knowingly Setting-up His Underlings?

If one Googles “narcissistic personality disorder” one finds listings of the traits, including (but not limited to) an ability to charm, deceive and manipulate people; a feeling of superiority to others; a feeling that regular people can’t appreciate just how wonderful the narcissist is,  and so a desire to associate with celebrities or other form of “successful” people that can understand them; a visceral and consuming need for praise (if not adulation); and lack of empathy / a sense that other people exist merely to advance the narcissist’s ends, and if need be are expendable for the greater good, protection and/or advancement of the narcissist.

Many in the past have observed and commented upon the narcissism of this President.

Now consider the serial expressions by this President of lack of foreknowledge of various scandals … that he “learned about it reading the paper, just like everyone else.”  These are hard to believe, and baffling in that a narcissist is not inclined to portray themselves as ignorant or uninformed.  So there must be an overriding consideration.

Well, if you were bright and manipulative, and surrounded by Kool-Aid true believers who at the behest of outside groups –such as the Center for American Progress(?) — will do the bidding to advance your agenda without direct instruction from you, would you not let them?  Particularly when you know that your agenda approaches, if not crosses the line of illegality and/or potentially impeachable extra-constitutional “executive actions?” Your agenda advances, without your fingerprints on it.

Any good narcissist knows that if it hits the fan, their protection is paramount, and so if their inferiors have to take the fall, well, they’re inferior and expendable.

Let us hope that one or more of the marks has kept good notes and/or collected other evidence and, if not out of a guilty conscience and desire for redemption, out of a sense of self-preservation, on the cusp of being set-up instead decides to blow the whistle.

Watergate’s “Deep Throat” needs a successor, one who will communicate with something other than today’s journalists, most of whom are complicit with this White House.