Obama's Red Lines and Pink Pleas

We need not here reiterate the now widely recognized hollowness of Barack Hussein Obama’s “red lines” – indeed we can better characterizing them as “pink pleas.” (Let us observe here that “leading from behind” also means that one is leading from the front — when retreating.)

But are these even pleas – or are they in fact subterfuge?

We know that one of Obama’s influencers, George Soros, has stated that he considered the United States of America the greatest threat to world peace.  Obama’s entire life has been marinated in anti-Americanism: his grandparents and mother; teenage mentor CPUSA member Frank Marshall Davis; community organizer following in the footsteps of “Rules for Radicals” author Saul Alinsky; political career launched in terrorist Bill Ayers’ living room; instructor for ACORN.  Given that political and philosophical curriculum vitae, it would be the height of folly to believe that he is not still simpatico with Soros et als.

Then would not it be a predictable strategy amongst those seeking the deconstruction of America to hobble it through a series of seemingly unrelated, and plausibly deniable steps, such as accelerating the accumulation of debt, suppressing economic recovery through regulations, environmental and otherwise, and reducing our military to a less-than hollowed-out shell? (Along this theme, see the book “Radical in Chief” by Stanley Kurtz and its expose – citing their own writings – of leftist tactics to undermine our economy through “non-reformist reforms.”)  Essential to “non-reformist reforms” is proceeding with actions publicly represented to do something positive, but which are actually intended to accomplish something diametrically different (that would be widely opposed if the actual purpose was disclosed). Essentially revolution by subterfuge and sabotage.  This strategy in its toolkit includes saying one thing even as one is doing the opposite … such as setting “red lines” for public-media consumption even as one has no intent to actually impede those to whom you’re ostensibly setting the “red line.”

For folks such as Soros / Obama, a world balance of power between a resurgent Collectivist Russia dominating Europe, an emerging Collectivist China dominating Asia, and an emerging Muslim Brotherhood dominating the Middle East would be just the ticket to keep a diminished America in its place … for achieving “equality” in power distribution. (It will not occur to the that the power vacuum of a hobbled America will instead lead to emboldened forces of darkness becoming aggressors, and potentially leading to regional if not world war and/or a global condition reminiscent of a new Dark Ages).

We have to assume intelligence and logic on the part of B. Hussein Obama and his masters and minions.  With that in mind, and with the concept of “non-reformist reforms” applied to foreign policy, all of the following make perfect sense: Obama’s post-inauguration apology tour; Obama’s refusal early in his administration to support Iranian protestors seeking regime change and subsequent tacit assistance to Iran in building nuclear capability; Obama’s comment to then-Russian President Medvedev that he’d have “more flexibility after his last election” (after he’d already betrayed our Polish allies by withdrawing missile defense); his de facto support for takeover by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt (unlike Iran, this time supporting the protestors seeking regime change) and elsewhere in that part of the world; Obama’s proposals to shrink our military capability to something European like – hollowed-out and irrelevant, even as China is signaling its intent to create something resembling the Japanese Empire’s “greater co-prosperity sphere.”

In a sane world Obama’s Constitutional nullification via “executive actions” would be fostering calls for impeachment by Republicans and Democrats alike.  In a sane world his Neville-Chamberlain-on-steroids foreign policy coupled with deliberate military deconstruction would be fostering catcalls from historians, political scientists, the media, Republicans and Democrats.

We are not in a sane world, but the insanity of Progressivism unleashed and unrestrained.  History warns us that if not stopped and reversed in time, such insanity will likely lead to depression and/or world war.