Make the Beltway beta-test Obamacare

Open letter to all conservative (i.e., genuine GOP) members of Congress — please consider introducing the following legislation that will turn the existing Obamacare debate on its head: The Federal Guinea Pig Act.

This act, instead of seeking immediate defunding of Obamacare, will instead be described as a pilot project to work out its software and hardware bugs, so manifestly undeniable after the October 1st rollout.  As is now obvious, vis-a-vis Obamacare beta testing is indispensable.

Under this legislation, businesses and individuals will have an exemption from the law until an independent panel certifies that it is ready for prime time, i.e., on a net basis is both a fiscal and qualitative improvement over the pre-Obamacare healthcare system.

To accomplish this indispensable beta testing, all federal elected officials, their staffs, along with all federal employees, will be required to serve as the beta testers mandatorily enrolled in Obamacare — they will be the guinea pigs for testing-out this socialized medicine regime.

This legislation will aptly be characterized as true “social justice.”   After all it is only “just” that the same folks who wrote the legislation and accompanying regulations — those who did not need to wait until it was enacted to find out what was in it — should likewise find out how it works in practice before the rest of us do.

Just as cooks should be willing to taste their own cooking first, so too should the federal government’s elected officials and employees should be willing to ingest a full serving of Obamacare before serving it to us, their subjects, err, I mean to us citizens.