This Fourth of July -- Celebration, or Wake?

As we approach this Fourth of July, it’s been running through my mind that this year the more apropos description might be a wake rather than a celebration, as Barack Obama and his forces of collectivist Progressivism are on the march, imposing “fundamental transformation” upon this nation, seeking and as of now succeeding in irreparably turning this nation away from our founding.

They seek to have us still perhaps call ourself the United States of America, though they likely disdain the name, merely so we are less likely to notice what is happening (until too late) — that they are working to functionally render us into a hollowed-out shell of our former self, something akin to “The Multi-Cultural States of Collectivist America.”   And so this Fourth of July itself was feeling hollowed-out.

But then, early this morning, a friend sent along this YouTube link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/rKsW6c_CgFY?feature=player_detailpage

The words of Ronald Reagan and the accompanying imagery cheered my heart, and renewed my vigor.

We cannot dishonor those who gave so much so that this nation could arise and flourish.  The oath talks about defending our land against enemies “foreign and domestic.”  Today we have an enemy domestic, riding under the banner “Progressive,” working to unmoor us from our founding and restructure our institutions just as surely and thoroughly as any hostile army or band of revolutionaries would seek to do.  Indeed, Progressivism is an inherently anti-American revolutionary philosophy.  It has adherents and fellow-travellers in both major political parties.  In the name of our forefathers, we must call them out for what they are, and defeat them at the ballot box and in the courts.  To stand-down and acquiesce would be philosophical equivalent of desecrating the graves of our fallen soldiers and sailors, who gave their all so that our founding would be preserved.

Where stand you?

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