GOP -- The Sally Fields of Politics

In another “WTF?” moment concerning the GOP, today’s Drudge Report has “GOP moves to prop up Obamcare?” which in turn links to an article in The Hill entitled “GOP fast tracks bill to fortify ObamaCare’s high-risk pools.”


In what might be described as an echo of the “Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit” that the GOP thought would suddenly make seniors vote for the newly Democrat-appearing GOP, the article describes “Republican” efforts to reopen / expand an Obamacare program.

This is in the HOUSE, ostensibly the more conservative venue of D.C. Republicans!

You may be forgiven for also mumbling “WTF?”

Like Sally Fields, the D.C. Republicans apparently are seeking a moment in which they can exclaim: “Some Obama supporters like me, they really like me!”

The result will be the same as the “prescription drug benefit.”

Vote for individual conservative candidates, but withhold your vote from Republicans who aren’t conservative.  Only through “undervoting” can we start to disinfect the GOP of RINO’s, moderates and other forms of Progressive sycophants.






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