"Undervoting" -- conservatives must become "swing voters"

“Under-voting” must become the new conservative mantra (under-voting is when one votes, but not in every single race on the ballot).
The Bill Buckley model of “vote for the most conservative in the primary, and then the most conservative on the ballot [that can get elected] in the general” is now working against us, for the GOP establishment is poised to intervene and hijack the primaries. (Just as they’d done in the past, e.g., Steve Laffey vs. Lincoln Chafee.  Ditto Arlen Spector vs. Pat Toomey.  How’d that work out for the GOP?)
Conservatives must become “swing voters” — vote for conservatives, period.  And if a particular general election / post-primary race is populated by a moderate / GOP establishment type, just don’t vote in that race  … vote for whatever conservatives are on the ballot, but don’t case a vote in the race with the “moderate” / establishment “Republican” on the ballot merely because they have an “R” after their name.
And if the “R” loses, so be it.  Once in office they’re not representing us, but the establishment.
The GOP establishment needs to start needing our votes, not assuming them. If they still show turnout, but lower vote totals (and losses) for their anointed moderates they’ll start to get the message (which if the past is any precursor will be determined to ignore) and so, more importantly, as their officeholder ranks begin to dwindle, and the remaining pool of officeholders becomes more conservative, the current establishment will begin to lose power.