The “Fauxscal Cliff” – End It, Don’t Mend It

We cannot escape the media coverage regarding the so-called “fiscal cliff.”  Human Events has reported that for the most part the threatened “devastating cuts” are primarily reductions in baseline-budgeted projected increases, not actual cuts (hence the title of this piece “Fauxscal Cliff”). So query why the GOP is going along with this charade … could the GOP leadership actually be closeted Progressives who are in on the gag?  Could Boehner not be caving but charading?  Just askin’

Whether the arrival of this “fiscal cliff” has arrived by statute or other Congressional mechanism, anything that a Congress does can later be amended or repealed by a subsequent Congress.

So if Boehner and the GOP leadership were genuine, they could end this scam simply by introducing a bill to repeal (or whatever is procedurally appropriate) the entirety of the “deal” that contains this fiscal cliff mechanism, and send it on over to the Senate.

Concurrently the GOP could announce that: “We have tried to negotiate with President Obama, but as even the [cite a ‘mainstream media’ source] has admitted, his administrations proposals and counter-offers have not been serious, but rather political grandstanding.  Further, the President is about to embark on a three-week vacation in Hawaii, so will not be present to continue face-to-face negotiations.  As this is occurring we’re aware that the press has been reporting that world financial markets have been getting nervous, and domestic employers are putting in place hiring and investment freezes out of concern that the ‘fiscal cliff’ might occur, and if not, fear of the tax increases that the Democrats say must occur of ‘no deal.’  Therefore we are passing a bill repealing the whole package that contains the ‘fiscal cliff’ scenario.  This will maintain the status quo for the foreseeable future, and so enable employers to plan their operations and consider hiring more employees.  We look forward to the Senate Democrats also passing this bill, and President Obama signing it, so that this country can get back to business instead of suffering an unnecessary ‘fiscal cliff.’”

If the Senate Democrats refuse to budge (or even bring it to a vote), they Democrat Party will own the across the board “tax increases” on the middle class, and resulting rapidly declining economy.  Oh the joy of watching them wail and howl once the tables are turned!