Boehner at als.: Let them build it -- and then own it

Obama and his media sycophants have anointed themselves with a “mandate” to raise taxes and otherwise breach the remaining barricades of the Constitutions and move “FORWARD” with statism.

Rather than “sign on” and accept whatever crumbs they may throw our way (if any), and provide a chimera of bipartisanship (and thus implied legitimacy) to what they are doing to our country, it is submitted that we’d be better served in “standing down,” in making a strategic retreat (in all but oratory).  It is virtually inconceivable that Barack Obama’s policies, if allowed to rollout as he’d like, will result in a more vibrant economy over the next 2-4 years, quite the opposite.

So why not prepare the way to make he and his fellow Democrats own it?

Yes over the next four years they’ll expand the 47% of dependency to something greater, but they’re going to do that anyway so either way it’ll be something we’ll have to overcome.  But a decimated middle-class and part-timed / out-of-work “working families,” who thought that Mitt Romney was only for the rich, will also learn (unfortunately the hard way) that while Conservative policies may foster “trickle down prosperity,” Progressive policies foster “trickle down poverty and unemployment.”

Congressional Republicans should just declare that: “While we don’t agree that there’s a mandate after this election, we’re not in a position to halt what President Obama and the Democrats intend to pursue.  We do agree that this past election in substance dealt with two competing visions.  We believe, and the laws of economics and historical experience confirm, that their way leads to economic decline.  They disagree.  So let’s see who’s right over the next two to four years.  Taking heed of President Obama’s practice as a legislator, we Republicans will in effect ‘vote present’ for the fiscal cliff solution developed and introduced by President Obama and the Democrat leadership; we will not stand in the way of them having the opportunity to the American people that their way works.  We may also ‘vote present’ for other significant initiatives that the President and his Democrats propose.  And over the next two and four years we’ll all see how they do — and the voters can then speak through the ballot box.

We are confident that they’ll find that the Democrats’ handling of the economy will not have made them better off.   The economic circumstances at that time will no longer be able to be blamed on President Bush — Barack Obama and his fellow Democrats will have built it, they’ll own it, and the voters will hold them responsible for it.”