Debatable Psych Ops

One would hope that the Romney campaign has already considered and taken steps to execute what follows, but that is by no means something that we can assume. The Romney campaign appears to be running a conventional election campaign premised on an assumption that this is a conventional election. As readers of this site well know, it is anything but. B. Hussein Obama is not a conventional candidate, nor has he been a conventional president (and one trembles at the prospect of just how unconventionally he will govern in a second term unbridled by reelection concerns).

As outlined in Stanley Kurtz’s book “Radical in Chief and Trevor Loudon’s “Barack Obama and the Enemies Within,” B. Hussein Obama and the individuals and groups with which he has collaborated for his entire adult life are on a mission to “fundamentally transform” the United States of America, doing so by using the stealth tactics of French communist theorist Andre Gorz – who promoted “non-reformist reforms” to enact legislation and regulations that are really intended to undermine the economy, while to the public labeling them as “reforms – and mechanisms such as (but not limited to) the “Cloward Piven strategy” (consider that in addition to making the economy reach unsustainability by continuously adding to the welfare rolls as under “classic” Cloward-Piven, this administration is simultaneously accelerating the process through things such as EPA regulations and using the Fed to expand the money supply in exponential levels that ultimately will lead to hyperinflation and a debased dollar).

Countering this unconventional (de facto revolutionary) candidtate calls for some unconventional tactics during this election campaign. It is well known that B. Hussein Obama appears to be a narcissist, if not clinically diagnosable with “narcissistic personality disorder.”

Now would it not make sense for the Romney campaign to engage one or more psychological experts to both (as best I can without having the ability to directly examine Obama) confirm the diagnosis and then develop words and phrases that Romney can use during the debate to rattle Obama and perhaps even cause him to “loses cool” and from the public and in so doing start to remove the mask which millions of Americans still have not seen through.  Words and phrases that wouldn’t appear to be petty or bitter to the public, but would be “dog whistles” to Obama’s psyche that could cause him to say things, or engage in body language, that would help reveal the real Obama?

Again it would be nice to think that this is already occurred to the Romney campaign, but what we’ve seen so far is a conventional GOP establishment campaign. Let us hope for the future of this nation that this conventionalism will be enough.