The Potentially Fatal – But Fixable! – Romney /Ryan Messaging

The Romney campaign, and Republicans in general, do not seem to be cognizant of the fact that they’re playing into Obama’s hands. The Romney/Ryan declarations regarding entrepreneurship, businesses and (in particular) “redistribution of wealth” are hurting rather than helping. The reason is that while the conservative base understands the import of these terms and the essential role they play in bringing prosperity for all, to the average middle-class and/or “independent” they are words and phrases talking about “other people” which has nothing to do with them.

Indeed “redistribution of wealth” – to those who don’t understand the evil of collectivism / Marxism and the deleterious economic consequences it carries with it – the phrase may actually sound benign, if not positive.

The average middle-class voter is not a business owner or entrepreneur but an employee, and expects to remain one throughout their career.   There is nothing wrong with that.  And while they may not be inclined to dislike business owners or entrepreneurs, neither do they identify with them, much less see themselves as one of them … or potentially one of them.  So talk of “job creators” and “entrepreneurship” and such may not repel them, but neither will it excite or motivate them.

Methinks that the Obama campaign understands that and so smiles discreetly as the Republican candidates continue to expound these phrases and themes, wrongly assuming that the general audience is as sophisticated as the Republican base.

Instead Romney/Ryan should be expounding themes such as:

“Yes I am wealthy and have had a career in finance. I do not apologize for this. In my prior days my ‘job’ was to harness my financial knowledge to make profit and hopefully someday enrich myself. I succeeded … beyond even my wildest dreams.  I have lived ‘the American Dream’ and so know it’s real.  As your president my ‘job’ will be to harness my financial knowledge to turn this economy around so that you and your fellow citizens can again enjoy a concept alien to Barack Obama – so you too can enjoy the American dream’ –in which your standard of living improves and, more importantly, your children enjoy the opportunity to enjoy an even higher standard of living than did their parents. That will be my job, and if you elect me I will again succeed, on your behalf.  I got mine, now it’s time for you to get yours.”

“Remember 4 years ago the candidate of ‘Hope’ and ‘Change’ dazzled us with his oratory. I do not pretend to be able to dazzle you with my oratory – you know better! Oratory and lofty rhetoric is not my strong suit.  But consider, if Obama of the lofty rhetoric were capable of fixing the economy and rekindling your faith in the future, wouldn’t he have done so over the past 4 years so that come reelection time he’d be a shoe-in?  Are we to expect that in the next four years he’ll somehow figure it out?  In contrast, while I may not dazzle you with lofty rhetoric and utopian imagery, consider that my knowledge of finance and economics has made me wildly successful.  I do not apologize for that.   I don’t know about Barack’s America, but in our American we celebrate success.   We want as many people as humanly possible to be successful, for general prosperity is good for us all.  In this election you have a choice:  lofty rhetoric ‘accomplishing’ economic stagnation – and so reelecting four more years of stagnation – or a record of economic accomplishment that will be dedicated to applying those skills on your behalf. So you have to ask yourself  ‘do I want four more years of Barack Obama’s brand of ‘Hope’ and ‘Change,’ … or do I want results for me and my family?”

“Barack Obama is running on the theme of ‘making the rich pay their fair share.’ Let’s say he does that. Right now he’s been borrowing trillions of dollars from Communist China and the Federal Reserve.  With that money he’s had his so-called stimulus program. And what do we have to show for it? Hundreds of millions of dollars lost to a bankrupt Solyndra, a company run by his campaign donors. [Perhaps cite more Solyndra-like examples.]  We have a stagnant economy. We have polls showing that American people have lost faith in the future. So if this is what Obama accomplishes with trillions of dollars at his disposal, what does it matter where the funding comes from? Whether from ‘the rich,’ the Communist Chinese, or the Federal Reserve, if your family, and America in general isn’t better off, what does it matter from where Barack Obama got his spending money?”