Michelle Malkin vs. Mount Vernon

Last Wednesday, a number of conservative leaders gathered at the Collingwood Library in Alexandria, not far away from Mount Vernon, the homestead of our founding father, to sign the Mount Vernon Statement.

There are normally two problems with statements like these: their content and the characters associated with them.

The Mount Vernon Statement has the content right.  The statement, instead of being watered down so that Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins would feel comfortable associating with it, reaffirms our nation’s commitment to fiscal responsibility, national security and socially conservative values.  Unfortunately, there were some unsavory characters present at the signing ceremony, including David Keene and Grover Norquist.  Malkin keyed in on their presence to denounce the statement.   (http://michellemalkin.com/2010/02/18/an-inconvenient-question-about-the-mount-vernon-statement/)  I am sure she drove a lot of traffic to her site in doing so.  For that I congratulate her.  For attacking the statement, I condemn her.

Malkin is right to highlight the point that if Keene and Norquist had a conscience, they would not have been present at the signing ceremony, because the content of the statement stands against everything they both believe.  Sure, at one point, Keene and Norquist were conservative leaders, but now they are unfortunately a part of the old Washington guard that has one interest in mind – lining their pocketbooks.  The self interest of Keene and Norquist does not reflect the interest those actually involved in drafting the statement, people like former Attorney General Ed Meese and Heritage’s Ed Feulner.  Are Meese and Feulner, who are far from corrupt, guilty because Keene and Norquist signed the same document as them?  I think not.

Malkin in denouncing statement, because Keene and Norquist never met a conservative spotlight they would not try to steal or share if possible, creates a new form of guilt by association.  The statement is guilty because corrupt individuals decided to associate themselves with it.  I reject this standard and Malkin should know better.  If she is smart enough to write about how Keene and Norquist are for sale to the highest bidder, she should be smart enough not to create this new standard and tarnish the Mount Vernon Statement.

Unsatisfied with simply taking down the Statement along with Keene and Norquist, Malkin criticized Senator DeMint for endorsing the statement and encouraging his colleagues and others to sign it.  That was over the top and out of line.  Senator DeMint is famous for putting points on the board.  Michelle Malkin is famous for driving traffic to her blogs.  Given the two choices, I will join Senator DeMint in signing the document.