Mitch McConnell Can Meet My Middle Finger

After Tuesday’s referendum against national health care, Republicans should have been celebrating and most of them were, but then something happened that should not have.  Instead of taking a victory lap, one of the first things out of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s mouth was that he is prepared to work with democrats on their legislative agenda and “meet them in the middle.”  Now you understand why the title is so harsh.  McConnell can meet the democrats in the middle and he can also meet my middle finger.

The democrats have shown us their hand.  Their legislative agenda includes, cap & trade, health care, increasing the debt limit, legalizing gay marriage, comprehensive immigration, card check and welcoming terrorists.  That’s a middle ground that even Scott Brown, who is no Tea Party conservative, refused to go to.  Instead, he said one thing to the Obama agenda: NO.  In response, even the people of Massachusetts rejected hope and change.

It is time for new leadership in the Republican Party.  It is time for someone who will at least take a victory lap before snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.  We can meet Scott Brown on the Senate floor and shake his hand when he votes against health care.  For the Minority Leader, how many people are willing to join me and tell him you can meet the middle finger?