Mr. Boehner: Unveil Your Economic Plan While Obama "Rests"

Huge tactical blunder being committed by President Obama right now – announcing he will unveil his “new” economic plan after his Martha’s Vineyard vacay. I know, ho-hum, right? Wrong. Because the mainstream media is now pimping this for him, making it sound like it will, finally, offer some leadership (after, like, 2 1/2 years – wow!).

Hint to Obama: Tipping your pitches is asked to get raked.

Enter, the big stick waiting for the hanging curveball: Speaker John Boehner. He should step up to the plate and announce his own economic proposal while Obama is on vacation.

If Boehner is smart – and he is – he will keep it very simple, something like: Our plan is to freeze all taxes in place and return spending to 2006 levels.

If Boehner advocates 2006 federal spending levels he can say, “Look, I think we can all agree, it’s not like government services were threadbare in 2006, so no one can argue with a straight face we are cutting vital services. At the same time it is a cut, and a significant one. Why, well if you look at what we were spending then – at the height of two wars – and the Trillions of Dollars more we are spending now, it gives votes a good idea of just how much the Democratically-controlled Senate and House under Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi increased spending. In 2009, President Obama took this approach and put it on steroids.”

This does two things: 1) Boehner will steal the initiative from Obama, who will still be on vacation, while the speaker has obviously – obviously – been working very hard. 2) It’s rumored Obama is considering a government spending freeze at 2011 levels – and calling it a CUT as part of his spending plan. If this is true, Boehner can pre-empt this move by point out how the President is mired in Washington-thinking by saying spending the same amount of money you’re spending now – but not as much as you want to spend next year – is NO CUT. No American company or individual thinks that way. Only government.

Mr. Boehner, please, wait until the President is out on the beach with a cool one and his very important friends then DROP THIS HOT SPLASH IN HIS LAP. Added bonus visuals: The media swarming the President on Martha’s Vineyard and ask him for his response on Mr. Boehner’s proposal – while on yet another vacation. (“We’ll have our own plan later this week. Ok, gotta go. Got a late tee time…”)