Boehner, Republicans Not Getting The Messaging Here

How hard is this? I mean really, simple is better – and in this case it’s accurate.

When President Obama says: “We want a balanced approach to fixing the debt ceiling,” the ONLY answer the Republicans/Boehner should be giving is:

“It wasn’t a balanced approach that got us here. It was the government spending far more than it took in.”

If you want to add something, you point out:

1) They are looking to increase more spending while advancing their lie about “balancing.”

2) We believe that the best way to stop over spending is to cut spending.

3) We refuse to raise taxes because the working people of America need all the money they can get in their paychecks right now.”

If you want to get snarky you can add:

“Their idea of ‘balance’ is like a gambling addict asking for you to pay off his debts, but to also give him more money so he go back to the casinos and keep gambling.”

Really, Mr. Speaker, RNC, this is not rocket-science. It’s the sad reality we’re living in.