Dem's Vilification of Tea Party Identical to '09 War Against FoxNews

I just couldn’t help but notice the Democrats’ current “offensive” (hey, I’m offended) against the Tea Party participants painting them as extreme, right-wing fringe outsiders is nearly identical to the playbook used by the Obama Administration against Fox News during much of 2009. In fact, if you take any Tea Party talking point being marshaled by the Democrats right now and substitute “Fox News” for “Tea Party” it’s pretty apparent that this is the same, “demonize the competition rather than debate them” strategy.

How did that turn out, by the way?

Because as I recall, during that storied stroke of strategic genius, Fox News’ ratings steadily increased while the ratings of more sympathetic outlets (CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, Air America) continued to decline.

As if shouting how evil those people who don’t think like me will make them go away in shame and chagrinned fear. Maybe on college campuses, but not here in the real world.

So, yeah – bring it on.