Do You Trust Nancy Pelosi with Your Life?

How about Harry Reid or Barack Obama? It’s that simple, and I can’t believe the Republicans and advocacy groups haven’t been hitting this point as the Democrats have pushed this ‘momentum’ propaganda all week and the mainstream media has fallen in lock step. If anyone is on the fence, the operative question is in the headline. Every voter should ask themselves, “Is this the person I trust with my life, my family’s lives, my kids’ lives?” Or is this just a person trying to “win,” or “save the presidency for Barack Obama” or “pass this deal”? The answer you get equals the vote you want your congress person to cast.

It’s that simple. And it should have been the sole talking point for the last four weeks. 20 hours to go before this possible travesty occurs.

And you though Bernie Madoff was a thief. Passing this bill will make him look like Santa Claus.

God save us all.