#5: The People Who Bankrupted the Post Office Now Want to Run Your Heathcare

Another slam dunk. Not that I don’t like the post office or postal workers. I do. They’ve always done right by me. Which is why this is even more frustrating. The stories I hear from my local postal workers about bureaucracy, inane rules, imperious management and a union structure that often makes it more advantageous to work slowly or not at all than to respond to customer needs are beyond frustrating. Meanwhile, they’re sitting on one of the most trusted – and until recently with the onset of more efficient competitors in the package sector (FedEx, UPS, etc.) – the most accessed services in the world.

But the existence of key stakeholder buy-ins like pre-existing consumer trust, high usage, facility of services, and  – again, until recently, a virtual monopoly on this service – didn’t keep the government from mucking it up and running up huge cost overruns while decreasing access and services. Not only have they done so, they tacitly admit the extent of their own failings by allowing FedEx and other competitors to put drop boxes on post office property.

Now if this is how the Federal Government has completely mismanaged something as relatively straight forward as delivering mail, imagine what they will do when they are put in charge of creating protocols for diagnosing and treating illnesses. Or injuries. Or chronic diseases like diabetes. Or acute conditions like cancer.

If the idea of the government presiding over your health care scares you more than the idea of a big insurance company doing so, then you know the answer here.

But if you still really trust the government to run something as complex as a health care system (and if you do, then ask yourself why so many doctors won’t accept Medicare patients; or why we are all not clamoring to get our care in V.A. hospitals) then please take a look at how the government has completely screwed up something as straightforward as delivering letters and packages.

And then ask yourself: Do you want the people who run the Post Office (and the IRS, and H.U.D. and the Department of Education and Sallie Mae and Freddie Mac and…) to make decisions about the medical care for you, your kids and your loved ones?