If Health Care Is in 'Crisis' Why Does ObamaCare Start 4 Years from Now?

So they are saying it’s a crisis that we absolutely, positively MUST FIX…4 Years from Now(!?!)

This is the single most important talking point that is not being repeated by opponents to this bill. The taxes/fees start next fiscal year, yet fixing the “broken system” and “crisis in care” doesn’t start for another four years.

So that woman Mr. Obama spoke of at his “white coat” show last week who is “desperate” because she can’t get care with her long since defeated pre-existing cancer condition? She still has to wait four more years to get that care with his bill. So does that woman who wore her dead sister’s teeth. And the constituent who needs chemo but has no coverage…and the dialysis guy, and, well, you get it.

This is the biggest and easiest target out there on this take over barely disguised as a sham bill. Actions speak louder than words. The actions behind this bill does not begin to happen until 2014. That should be THE talking point. Period.

After that you can pile on with any of its other flaws. But the fact that this “vital care” that’s “in crisis” is so critical that we need to fix it…four years from now.

Total give me a break moment. And the Republicans are still missing it.

Hammer them with this! There is no clearer message on what a shakedown this is!