Do NOT Let Dems Frame Another Argument - AGAIN

They’re doing it again.

The Democrats are framing the Republican “side” of big national issue on a couple of buzzwords bear no relations to the facts. Worse, the Republicans are apparently letting them get away with this (once more).

John Ward his this piece on The Daily Caller’s site today that details how President Obama/The Democrats have been shaping the issue of health care since the break at the so-called Health Care Summit last week. The talking point being pushed is that main difference is that the Republicans are for “fewer regulations on the insurance industry.”

Now, if someone actually watched the six-plus hour snooze-fest that was this event, they would be hard-pressed to find more than a handful of mentions by the Republicans regarding reducing industry regulation, never mind being big fans of it (they aren’t – the Dems just want much more control and are couching it as ‘more regulation’). But of course the facts are not germane here. It’s all about spin and this one was pre-packaged and ready to go by the Dems.

The intent is simple: repeat ad nauseum that the Republicans favor less regulation of the insurance industry as the major pillar of their opposition plan. The implication: They did this with the banks and it ruined the economy; now they want to do it with health care.

Or as I like to say: “Damn the facts. Seize the message.”

Perhaps the greatest example of this is the illegal immigration issue. Notice how when this issue is discussed in the MSM or anywhere else today it is almost invariably termed “immigration” not “illegal immigration.” That was a frame-job executed about six years ago with a very simple yet effective message in its intent: “Virtually all of us in this country are the descendants of immigrants, so how can you be against immigration!?” By omitting “illegal” and focusing on “immigration” “illegal” quickly became lost deeply below the main argument, subverting all the rational and emotional triggers that “illegal immigration” should hit and replacing them with “immigration.” From there they moved on to “Being anti- immigration = racism.” So now you’re four steps removed from the “illegal” part and dealing with a whole different set of emotions and facts. Meanwhile, the original issue/argument is buried and out of the conversation.

So now they are combining the message that the Republicans are “pro-Insurance companies” (which are of course evil) and “against regulation” (the same hands-off attitude that almost gave us the second great depression). Nevermind that the ObamaCare/Senate/House bills all reward big insurance by forcing everyone to own coverage.

So Republicans, right here – right now – DO NOT LET THEM GET TRACTION ON THIS MESSAGE. This must be refuted NOW before it becomes a new “fact” for the MSM to eagerly regurgitate over and over again.

The Republicans must counter-punch immediately with their own message. It can be crafted on:

1) Coburn’s message about Government controlled healthcare (medicaid/medicare/VA) having 33% of every dollar wasted and we want to give them control over more!?! (btw, both Obama and Hoyer agreed with this 33% figure during the summit and then  moved on quickly).

2) Ryan’s message that the Dem plan grossly expands government, spend money they don’t have, and it is not revenue neutral/”paid for.”

3) Perhaps most simple of all – if this is so important then why doesn’t it begin until 2014 – and yet why do the taxes begin now? If this is a crisis then why was NO stimulus money spent on health care?

Seize back the message. Repudiate and advance your own talking points. This afternoon, tonight, tomorrow and then repeat. At the very least, control your own message. Do not let the opposition define you. That’s a loss every time.