Where's the Counter-Punch on the Obama 'Meeting'? Bueller?...Bueller?...

Today in Nevada, President Obama said, “We can’t wait to reform the health care system…It’s vital for our economy to change how health care works in our country.” He went on to pimp his “Health Care Meeting” at The White House. In the last 24 hours his mouthpieces also leaked that the President has his own plan (jeepers, really?) and continues to push for a Public Option.

Meanwhile, the counter-punch from the Republicans has been…? Other than the initial letter sent by the house leadership, the best they’ve offered is Rep. Cantor “demanding” reconciliation be removed from the process.

Are you kidding me?

Where is the messaging? Where is the outrage at the rigged game that was set up when President Obama decided who he’d let the Republicans bring? Where’s the push-back on a meeting that starts with a stacked deck, two failed bills and more Democrats than Republicans “allowed” to attend!?

Memo to whomever is supposed to be handling the messaging here. Most Americans still haven’t heard:

– The President chose the participants for both sides of this meeting.

– There will be 25% more Democrats at the table than invited Republicans.

– The reason so-called health care “reform” has been stalled in Congress is because Democrats can’t pass it even when they had a year long super-majority (you cannot hit this point enough).

– The President has refused to walk away from the failed House and Senate Bills.

– The President wants a “bipartisan meeting” but he picked the players for both sides in advance – What’s fair and bipartisan about that? (another point that can’t be repeated often enough).

And how about countering with this today after President’s remarks in Nevada:

– “The American people need action on jobs now. So what does the President do? He calls a health care summit at The White House. Does he still not get it?”

– “More than 8 million Americans are unemployed today. So what is the President focusing on? Health Care. Still. And this man says he’s not an ideologue? Maybe that’s true. Maybe he just doesn’t relate to the average American.”

– The President is telling people to stay away from Las Vegas, but it’s OK for him to go as long as its to raise money for Harry Reid.

Watching the lack of messaging coming from the Republicans at a pivotal moment is absolutely mind-boggling. Perhaps they have a grand, super smart plan for next week – and I really hope they do. Because if not, they are either incredibly inept, incredibly arrogant, or both. With the MSM out there regurgitating the White House party line, repeated, consistent messing is essential to cut through the din.

Remember: there’s a difference between saying “No” and saying “We want real reform. Not invitations to meetings where the other side sets all the rules and picks all the players.” Give the reasons and show the disingenuousness on the other side.

Also remember: this did not end with Massachusetts. But it could begin to boomerang on the Republicans if they don’t get a clue very quickly.