Time to Call Obama, Biden on their "Jobs Created/Saved" Numbers

Today on CBS (http://bit.ly/ajebXH), Vice President Biden lauded the 1-year anniversary of the $780 billion Economic Stimulus Bill – remember that one? The bill that we needed to enact now to keep unemployment below 8%. The magic bullet that was “filled” with “shovel ready” jobs that could be ready to go within 60-90 days. Yeah, that thing.

So today, Vice President Biden was asked if, a year late, did the American people get their money’s worth?

“Absolutely, although I don’t think the realize it. Number 1. Number two was designed to have two stages to it. We’ve only been half way through the act.  The job-creating portion is really loaded in the second half, but yes they really have gotten their money’s worth.”

Biden also said the stimulus had “created or saved 2 million jobs.”

He did not explain why, with unemployment rising rapidly when the bill was pass, that the “job-creating portion is really loaded in the second half.”

Yet, only two days before, on the same network, soon-to-be former Democratic Senator Evan Bayh said: “If I could create one job in the private sector by helping to grow a business, that would be one more than Congress has created in the last six months,”  (http://bit.ly/a8ypZt)

So which is it?

We’ve heard the 2 million jobs created or saved phrase uttered ad nauseum by the mouthpieces of this administration and we want to believe  – we really, really do. So give them to us.

It’s a finite number – 2 million. If you’re so sure, give us a definitive list explaining:

1) Which companies or entitites, thanks to stimulus dollars, hired people they weren’t going to hire anyway.

2) Which companies “saved” jobs that were positively identified to be cut before the stimulus was passed.

The Republican Leadership and elected membership should be shouting in unison: “Release the list of the full 2 million jobs so we and the news media can cross-check it.”

Or for the rest of us: “Free the 2 million.”

(btw, great opportunity for some entrepreneurial individual – t-shirts that say: “I was Created or Saved.”)

If it checks out then this administration would have a tremendous victory on its hands that I think would be widely applauded. It would also give them great leverage to pass Stimulus II (a.k.a. “The Jobs Bill” – wait, I thought the job-creating portion from the last bill was about to kick in?…I get so confused by these people who know how to fix things; they are so much smarter than the rest of us).

So anyway, yes it’s been a year since this historic bill was passed and we’ve heard this “2 million” number for months. Time to call them on it.

Show us the jobs.

It’s time for the Obama Administration to put up or shut up about “the 2 million.”