Priebus New Republican Agenda 2012

This is a very brief diary reflecting frustration with the Republican Party. I used to think that electing and reelecting Barack Obama was the single most tragic event in the history of freedom. I have since decided it was electing and reelecting Priebus as head of RNC.

Unfortunately, he seems to have no instincts for national politics, though he seems to have tremendous instincts for RNC politics. Rush was on his case today for his press release announcing a new direction for the Republican party. As Rush said, why not just do this, versus telling the world your plan?

At bottom, I guess, I don’t blame Priebus. Everyone has the right to run. But, I do blame every RNC committee rep who voted for him. We will make no progress unless and until we improve our spokespersons on a national level.

I don’t doubt Priebus is trying his hardest but for someone who was student bar association head at Miami Law School as recently as 1996, it does show how limited his experience is, and what a bunch of amateurs we must have at RNC to reelect him after our disastrous showing in the last election in every swing state and in every close senate election. What a complete mismanagement of basic branding principles for conservation messaging. Just sad.

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