Priebus v. Obama

Randy Evans Esq.
Georgia National Republican Committeeman
Atlanta, Ga

Dear Randy,

From what I read, the fix is in.  Reince Priebus is scheduled to be reelected without opposition as RNC head later this month.  This is a devastating development to those like myself who have been contributors and workers for the Republican and conservative causes, and who believe results matter.

If Barack Obama certainly deserved to lose his job, and he did,  Reince Priebus certainly deserves to lose his.

While I appreciate Priebus efforts in Wisconsin in 2008, we didn’t carry his home state in 2012.    While I also appreciate Priebus and the RNC stabilizing finances, there is no question that monumental amounts of cash were blown on under-performing consultants.    His presentations at major fundraisers I attended and the “rally the troops” campaign meetings that the RNC had better voter turnout apparatus in place than ever before were simply false.

But my main issue is around Priebus as a communicator.  He may not want that job, but he, along with McConnell and Boehner, is a “go to” guy for the network news shows about Republican positions.    And, it was really disappointing to me to see how poorly he handled these opportunities,  not so much by the phrases he used, but whatever the words to describe communication effectiveness- style, gravitas,   persuasive ability –  just seem completely absent.

Communication skills matter.   We have budget, foreign policy, social program spending, and now issues around the second amendment which need to be deftly handled.  I think there was a good reason why two years after Haley Barbour was elected as RNC chair, Republicans  took the Congress in 1994.  No matter what the venue then, whether it be Larry King, network news, Sunday talk, Barbour was excellent at framing the most important issue to the public, and without being overblown,  raising tidbits of unassailable logic in support of the conservative position.

Priebus parrots the points, but in my mind, is just extremely ineffective in selling the merit of what should be an easy sale.

Now I don’t doubt that this administration will mess up enough over two years to offer us some comeback opportunities, but the opportunities then will be no greater than what we had in 2012 when we blew millions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of man hours on an unmitigated disaster of an election.  If Obama deserved to be out, shouldn’t Priebus exit as well?

This is not a public request.  I did email you and suggest you run against Priebus, since you are an effect communicator,  with a mature and relaxed style that, like Barbour, deflects defensiveness from listeners.  I know you are new there, and probably don’t want to rock the boat.  And, we know that Republicans in power can act as thuggish as the worst union bosses facing a challenge.  Stipulated.  But, you  know politics deeply,  and  you would be excellent.  However, if you and the rest of the RNC want to put a shiv in the backs of supporters, to go right alongside the scar of the reelection of Barack Obama, and pretend communication skills don’t matter to our message, reelecting Priebus is a great way to accomplish this.