The Greening of George McGovern

In 1993 George McGovern wrote the following piece for Inc Magazine about his misfortunes as a small business man. It was an excellent piece, extremely well written. Here is the link: http://www.federalobserver.com/2012/10/21/mcgovern-what-i-know-now-nibbled-to-death/

Five years ago, boarding a plan, I noticed an older man struggling with a heavy suitcase. I put it overhead and sat next to him. It was George McGovern. Having read the Inc piece when it came out, I talked to him about the Stratford Inn, his unfortunate foray into the small hotel business in Connecticut, and he reiterated in most colorful detail all that he had said in the article and more.

As I recall he said, “I wished I would have known more about the plight of small business when I was in the Senate”. I might have been able to help.

I didn’t support him in 1972 and never regretted it. His posse of Gloria Steinem and Jane Fonda made his candidacy unpalatable. But there is something to be said for someone who is unafraid to write as he did even when in 1993 it would only work against his liberal popularity.

McGovern was also a young man who served in WWII, and at the end of his life, lived in a small town in South Dakota. The simplicity of his final years showed a lot about his character. In fact, the flight I was on was at 6am and he had arisen at 330am to drive himself to the airport. No prima donna was he.

So, I never agreed with his politics, but I do give him credit for having the temerity to speak out for small business. And the Stratford Inn? It filed for bankruptcy and was not bailed out by anyone..