A Mobile Statue of Liberty

I’ve been a Red State reader/member since almost the beginning, but I’ve never posted a diary entry. I just felt like sharing this, so here we go.

I’m an active duty Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force.  In July of this year I was lucky enough to get an assignment here in Hawaii.  It really is an amazing place to live.  Rarely too hot. Never too cold.

It’s expensive to live here but we were also lucky enough to get on-base housing, and a brand new house at that.  It’s small (3-bedroom with 4 kids), but adequate.  We have two palm trees in the side yard, a big mango tree and one of those Swiss Family Robinson climbing trees.

As a fighter pilot, the thing I love most about our house is the view from the back yard; the flight line. When I’m serving in a staff job (aka, flying a desk) watching others do what I love (and smelling the jet exhaust) is the next best thing.

As everyone at RedState knows, the President is vacationing in Hawaii.
My wife and I were out Christmas shopping when he landed, but our son called to say he had witnessed the arrival and the motorcade drove right past him. (As a military brat, you sacrifice a lot, but my son has experienced a lot more than I did growing up).

When we got home, the excitement was over and now we have one of the most beautiful views from our back patio.  There’s just something about it.  It’s one of those iconic figures that screams:

For the next couple weeks, I’m glad the President is here.

Because until he leaves, I have a mobile Statue of Liberty right in my back yard.
That’s how it feels to me.
The temporary view from my back yard
And I love it.