Michael Nutter, and our REAL problem.

When we ask for honest discussion about current events from our leaders, lately we receive gibberish, rear-end kissing, English sentence fabrication, and a slew of redundant words that mean nothing to us. Some of us accept this as the status-norm, because we’ve “heard it all before”.

But how many of us have heard this. On Sunday, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, stood before a pulpit at Mount Carmel Baptist Church, and proceeded to deliver a 25 minute tirade against the “flash mobs” that have erupted in his city. The “Flash Mobs” he describes are not the mobs of people that meet at a predetermined time, in a shopping mall, or open park, to dance to music; these Mobs are gangs of youths, as young as 11, who roam the city looking for someone to beat up, and rob.

The news we receive from England, and the chaos that has engulfed multiple cities over there, is, I believe, the reason why Mayor Nutter gave this speech.

I’m only posting this, because I believe this type of wording(the TRUTH) needs to be told. I have yet to study this man’s political leanings, as well as his voting conscience, but, by what this speech entails, I really can’t hold anything against him at this moment.

One thing that stood out, is the first paragraph. President Obama waited until the END of his 200 point DOW dropping speech to mention those brave SEALS, that died serving their country.