The Ceiling, Borrowing, Spending, and Megadeth.

I don’t post very much here, because alot of people here, are MUCH more intuned, informed, and well orchestrated in blogging than I am. This website has given me more power as a conservative, than any site on the Net. The names that proliferate here, are instrumental in my, as well as OUR fight against this governmental behemoth.

I use Megadeth in my title, because they released a song in 1993, called the “Symphony Of Destruction”. Megadeth is a heavy metal band that was popular in the 1980’s and 1990’s. The song entails electing a human into power, and asking him to do what’s required. It uses alliterations of the “Pied Piper”, and how the populace follows him into oblivion.

Such as we’ve witnessed these last 3 years. Some of us elected a person, with no experience in ANY type of job, whatsoever, and made him the leader of the Free World.  Blame can be thrown around from everywhere, but this is the situation we are in. We’ve found out, as a nation, that our path is no longer viable. We cannot continue in the way we have been, without SERIOUS change.

Not the “change” we we’re guaranteed in 2008, which is the change we have witnessed, but the wholesale change we need, to throttle ourselves back from the abyss, and restore the “full faith, and credit of the United States”.

I bring up Megadeth, because at the end of the song, they describe the Earth rumbling, world powers falling, and a “peaceful man”, who “stands tall”. Standing tall means not bowing to ANYTHING. Our debt ceiling is the limit of our borrowing, and we should accept it. Families are rejected every single day, for loan applications, because they don’t have any way to pay. So why can our government decide how much THEY can pay? Do our creditors really believe that we can constantly raise our borrowing limit with no remorse? When do other countries around the world stop lending us money? They won’t. And we won’t stop them from doing so.

It’s time someone “stands tall”. Possibly someone who has nothing to lose? We watch as Congress critters receive their just due for serving their country(inexorbitant pay, benefits) and we say nothing. Where is the person who says everything? The person who will go down in flames? The person who may be on the chopping block in the next General Election, who says, “I don’t care”? Someone who exposes everything that’s insidious about our government? Obama said it himself. He’ll sink his Presidency, before caving, but he won’t, as Erick mentioned a few days ago. Congress won’t be blamed. Obama will. This is the “Chink in the Armor”, a GREAT diary by RealQuiet, that exposes what Republicans have been looking for, since he was elected.

It’s time for someone in Congress to decide to be the “voice”. Someone who will stand up, and say, “NO MORE”. Can we expect this? Can we accept the truth? Will we listen to ANYONE, who lays it all out, so we have a factual basis to attack this problem that we have?

We have a spending problem. We have an entitlement problem. We DO NOT have a revenue problem. And as long as the Democrats keep telling us that we need more money, we will still have the same problems, and they will not be fixed.

Thank you, Redstate for my continuing conservative education.