Sheriff Joe does it again.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio has done it again.

He arrested three of his own, a deputy sheriff, and two county detention officers in a county raid that netted 16 people.

Among the charges are: assisting in a criminal syndicate, illegal control of an enterprise, human smuggling drug trafficking, and money laundering.

The operation netted $200,000 in cash, seven weapons, 10 POUNDS of heroin, and seven vehicles.

“Today’s arrests hit closer to home”, he was quoted as saying.

“The fight against drugs, illegal immigration, and human trafficking is important, not only to me, but to the citizens of Arizona. That a deputy Sheriff would provide information to, and collude with these drug and human traffickers is despicable”.

The law is the law. Thank you, Sheriff Joe, for reminding us of that. Even if our enemy is in our midst.