Stephen King, and the horror of electricity.

Stephen King has written over 1400 books, and has over 50 movies, made out of his books. His penchant for horror, is almost unmatched. But when he takes on the “real world”, something goes awry. Mr King lives approximately a 20 minute drive from me, on Casey Key, a barrier island off of the west coast of Florida. He was seen in downtown Sarasota, “filling up” his brand new Chevy Volt. He made a statement saying, “I just love it, because everytime you do it, it is like you’re saying to the oil cartel, “Here, stick this in your eye.'” “It’s like a license to steal.” Really.

Does Mr King not know where the electricity comes from to fill his precious car? Does he really think that when he’s “sticking Big Oil in the eye”, that he’s getting away scot-free? Should Mr King be stealing?

For a man, who makes us cringe with every turn of the page, who made us reexamine our love for clowns, dogs, cars(Christine is my favorite), red-headed women, and houses, do we have to fear the onslaught of electric vehicles too?

And what of the men, and women, of Congress, who don’t even write novels, and scare us enough?

My apologies for the hackneyed appearance of this diary. It’s my first one, and I hope to be able to do the cool, line-thru text, and highlight text, like my favorite posters here do. Thank you, Redstate, and ALL posters, for my continuing conservative education.