Evangelicals: Trump Can be Counted on for Not Just Business, But Also Social Issues

Note: Sarcasm on.

What America needs right now is a strong leader. Trump is that leader. Here’s why:


Yes, Trump used to support abortions and even partial birth abortions. But he has changed. He has said so and he is a man of his word.

Yes, a few months ago, he did advocate that his sister would be a great Supreme Court Judge. Yes, his sister was the Federal Judge that ruled partial birth abortions must continue in New Jersey:

“She called a New Jersey law against it a “desperate attempt” to undermine Roe v. Wade. It was, she wrote, “based on semantic machinations, irrational line-drawing, and an obvious attempt to inflame public opinion instead of logic or medical evidence.” It made no difference where the fetus was when it “expired.”

But this can be understood because it was his sister and I am sure he loves her very much and Jesus would never want us to stand against our brother, sister, mother or father? Would He?

Standing Against the Establishment

No Trump is the man because he is tough. No one else stood up to the establishment Republicans like Trump has. That’s why the establishment likes Trump because the establishment loves it when people stand up to them. The establishment hates Ted Cruz because he never stood up to them, right Ted Cruz?

Only Man to Be Tough on Illegal Immigration

Trump has always spoken against illegal immigration and has always been tough. Oh sure, a long time ago when the Republicans nominated that Mitt Romney fellow, Trump thought that the GOP was too tough on immigrants and said the GOP was “mean spirited” when Romney asked them to “self-deport”

But that was way back in 2012 and Trump has changed his mind on that issue too. Nobody has been as strong as Trump on immigration. No Republican stood up to the majority in his own party to fight against the gang of eight amnesty bill and that is why Trump is needed.

Strong Backer of Gun Rights

Trump is a smart man. He figured out that the position that he had against guns–in favor of more gun laws was a mistake. He saw the light after writing in his book from 2000 that there should be more gun control. Trump is super strong on protecting gun rights.  You can count on him.

Strong Opponent of Gay Marriage

Trump is as strong as anyone against gay marriage. He is so strong on the issue that he fooled the LGBT movement into believing that he is on their side.

Trump Knows Business  and Knows Government is Better. 

Trump learned that only government can run a business. After all, Trump promised to renovate the city’s ice skating park in two years, but six years later it was not completed. Trump was forced to announce that the project would have to start all over again and would take at least another 2 years before the ice rink would open again. But then the city took over the project and completed it in less than 6 months and 25% under budget. (see correction below) From this Trump learned that government is better than private companies.

This is why the Washington Examiner praised Trump for his position to repeal ObamaCare saying:

“Trumpcare would require more government than Obamacare”

 Only by repealing ObamaCare can Trump get the government more involved!

And this is why Trump believes that he can fix the VA. The problem is not the bureaucrats. Its that they appointed “stupid” people.  This is why he advocated doubling the ethanol subside in Iowa because government is better than the private sector. And this is why Trump advocated the largest tax hike in human history so government could run more of our lives. And this is why he donated to so many Democrats.

OR….Wait a minute..


No, come to think of it, I have the ice rink story backwards! It was the city that had the problem not completing the rink and it was Trump that completed it in under 6 months and under budget.

But why then does Trump want the government to do so much??

Well never mind, it just shows how smart a man he is. No matter the evidence that government can’t do something as well as private companies, Trump knows this is not true!

That’s “Winning”

Well, he knows business so he must be right. Right?

NOTE: Sarcasm is now off.