Time to Dump Establishment Debates

We need a real debate about the real issues. Of course the Republican party doesn’t want this. Republican “leadership” has said they will exclude any candidate from future debates who participates in a non-sanctioned event. In other words, candidates must only appear at debates that are designed to aid establishment candidates. CNN and Fox each host three more debates. CBS, NBC with Telemundo, ABC, and CNBC (yes the sister company of MSNBC) each host the remaining. Does this sound like we are going to get a debate that focuses on the serious issues facing this nation?

The Fox debate showed the candidates were generally articulate and thoughtful. But it is clear that something was wrong. Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Dick Morris, Cal Thomas, and many others have strongly objected to the useless questions from the Fox panel. Levin has called on FoxNews to apologize for what he termed the “National Enquirer Debate” Rush believes that Fox tried to purposefully, at the instruction of establishment figures, to take out one of the candidates.

The questions were not fit for a nation in our circumstances: Our nation–for the first time excluding WWII– owes more than our GDP (102%). We have massive obligations that will exceed our tax revenues by 50 Trillion to 150 Trillion (our GDP is about 18 Trillion). 45 million people are now on food stamps. As late as 1989 90% of men of working age (25-54) were employed. Today, only 84% of working age men are employed and then the percent of people working part-time has nearly doubled. (Source: BLS) Iran, the largest sponsor of state terror in the world is about to get nuclear weapons thanks to President Obama’s weak approach. Russia has restarted the cold war. Developing new nuclear weapons, expanding their bomber fleet, and invading Ukraine.

Obviously, these are serious times. Will the next debate address these serious issues? The next debate will be hosted by CNN. Do we really expect there to be better questions now that Fox has set the standard to go for the “gotcha” questions?

The candidates should create their own debate(s) I propose that this event should have a panel consisting of serious conservative thinkers from economics, defense, social policy, and constitutional law. Or to drive the audience even higher we could have Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, and Sean Hannity host.

So which candidates would be willing to risk it? Trump obviously would be willing. It would be in the best interest of Cruz and Walker to get these types of questions so they should be willing. The rest would fall in line not wanting to miss out on the large audience this would generate.

I suggest a two and half hour event. I would break down the candidates into 3 groups of 3 candidates each. Each group would have 30 minutes of questions from the panel. Then each group would get 30 minutes. The last hour would allow 20 minutes of interaction between each group to comment on or ask questions of the other group. (Group 1 and Group 2 discussion–20 minutes, Group 2 and Group 3 discussion–20 minutes, Group 1 and Group 3 discussion–20 minutes) The 8 candidates not in the top 9 would have a separate debate with the same panel.

This is the type of debate this nation deserves at this critical point in history.