Replace the Republican Party

Elected conservatives from conservative districts/states should immediately form a new party–call it the Liberty Party.  The Liberty Party would not be a third party but a REPLACEMENT for the Republican party in conservative states/districts. Liberty Party members would only work with Republicans to create a leadership team if Liberty Party members were given leadership positions.

Republicans would agree that at least 50% of Liberty Party members must support any proposed legislation. If Republican leaders do not agree to these terms, the Liberty Party would withhold support and democrats would win the leadership.  Republicans would be free to challenge Liberty Party members in the primaries (and vice versa) but ONLY if they do so without liberal democrat votes.  

Violators would be challenged in the general election as a means of enforcing these standards.  If Republicans run as a third party against Liberty Party members in the general election in these conservative areas, the Liberty Party would retaliate by running as a third party against a Republican in a non-conservative but vulnerable area. This would force the Republicans not to challenge Liberty Party members. *1

This threat is credible. Conservatives now know where we stand with the Republican leadership. If the Republican leadership wants to have any power, they must work with us not against us.