"I Don't Want Anything to Do with the Republican Party Anymore"

“I Don’t Want Anything to Do with the Republican Party Anymore” These words shocked me. I was having a busy day trying to get work done when another fundraising call came in. (I’m one of the rare people who actually donate to political campaigns–even though the amounts are very small) I just didn’t want to be bothered but when I blurted out those words, I realized it was true.

No. It is not because my thinking about the role of government has changed. No. I’ve been frustrated because our leaders are doing nothing to fight back. Sure, self-reflection for a party after an election loss is important, but Republicans seem to have lost all convictions about right and wrong. Republicans are in a period of chaos.

Republicans no longer fight because they fear being swept away in a world they no longer understand. They fear losing the next election. Maybe when our world is turned upside down and the old rules no longer seem to apply, self-doubt is inevitable. But at some point, we must remember who were are. Republican inaction is creating a chaotic world where no policy is fought and there seems endless opportunity to surrender because we lost our will for the fight.

During the French Revolution, mobs swept the old government from power, but soon these mobs turned on society itself. Chaos ruled. Napoleon fired cannons on the mob and restored social order. Where is the Republican Napoleon?

Napoleon’s actions saved the Republic and gave him instant popularity with a weary and  fearful public. (which soon led to his rise to power)

Yes we lost an election, but does that mean we stand for nothing? A majority of Americans oppose ObamaCare but are Republicans doing anything? Do we live in a world where public opinion now longer maters? That is a world of anarchy or despotism. Is there nothing for which Republicans are willing to fight and die for (if not literally, at least politically)?

Did they come to Washington to BE SOMEONE or because they BELIEVE SOMETHING? Americans are yearning for someone to fight. To stand up and bring order back to this chaos we are living.  Perhaps this is why Senator Paul’s filibuster was so popular. Not because drones are a present danger but because someone said ‘ENOUGH! There is a line you must not cross.’

Is there no Republican who will fire the cannon at the “leadership” and restore the idea that government must be limited? Until that occurs, “I don’t want anything to do with Republicans anymore”