Romney in His Own (Recent) Words: ..........Expand Government to Cover "Uninsured" and "Chronically Ill"


Currently, the Federal government blocks grants aid to stays to cover their Medicaid eligible residents. This does NOT include money for the uninsured who may have incomes beyond those allowed for Medicaid.

Romney wants to change this.

He now wants to provide aid to the states to provide for the uninsured.


In his own words: (Just two days ago, in his editorial in USA Today):

“I favor giving each of the 50 states the resources and the responsibility to craft the health care solutions that suit their citizens best.”

Well, if you give the states the Resources (read Federal Dollars) but ALSO the “responsibility”  to produce health care solutions how do we not end up with RomneyCare in every state?

This is a big expansion in government.

In his position paper on the issue he states:

Romney’s proposal is based upon the “federalist” model, which means the state governments would have the most say in how they would provide coverage for their uninsured residents.

Most say… but Not all?   What role does he want the Feds to take and how do you keep Washington from expanding its role?

In this same policy paper, he says

“His plan would redirect federal money that is currently being used to help states pay for the care of uninsured residents.

Those funds would instead be given to states to help residents purchase their own plans in the private market

This is exactly what Romney did in Massachusetts.

YEAH! RomneyCare for everyone!

Note: The following phrasing was removed from Romney’s website in the last couple of weeks, but I found it elsewhere: 

“Give states the responsibility, flexibility and resources to care for citizens who are poor, uninsured or chronically ill.”

So expand the Fed’s responsibility to fund the states? They will be given the responsibility? And the Fed will give them the “resources” without any strings attached, without any requirements for making sure X percentage of people are covered? I seriously doubt it. Then they will also mandate what must be covered and like they did in Massachusetts what prices they must charge.

Who will make sure the states live up to Romney’s expectation of  what their responsibility should be?

More Romney Quotes: (In Case Romney Tries to Say He “Mis-spoke” or was “Misunderstood”

“We can empower states to expand health care access to low-income Americans by block-granting funds for Medicaid and the uninsured. My reforms also offer the states resources to help the chronically ill . — both to improve their access to care and to improve the functioning of insurance markets for others.

So Romney will expand the Federal Government to also provide for the chronically ill—how nice. And what defines chronically ill?

 So the Federal Government instead of insurance companies will provide for chronic illness?

Can you say Public Option?

Finally, I will remind everyone that Romney implied Perry was not compassionate for allowing over a “million kids” to be without health insurance.

“We (Massachusetts) have less than 1 percent of our kids that are uninsured,” Romney told Perry. “You have a million kids uninsured in Texas. A million kids.”

 Never mind the fact that the state of Texas provides for clinics and other measures (but not insurance) to help those without insurance.

Like any good liberal,  Romney’s view is that getting health care is not enough everyone must have health insurance.

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