It Took Nixon to Go to China" and "It Took Romney to Kill Private Healthcare

In Today’s USA Today, Romney describes why he will repeal ObamaCare, but he also calls for its replacement. He then defends his Massachusetts program with two falsehoods:

When I was governor of Massachusetts, we instituted a plan that got our citizens insured without raising taxes and without a government takeover.

RomneyCare Did Increase Taxes

The first falsehood is, as Peter Suderman in Reason points out in his article RomneyCare: Exploding Costs, Higher Taxes, RomneyCare has raised taxes:

In the wake of budget overruns in the Massachusetts health care overhaul Mitt Romney signed in 2006, Romney’s successor, Democratic Gov. Deval Patrick, has already raised business and cigarette taxes in order to help fund the program. Problem solved? Hardly. In fact, Gov. Patrick is now proposing yet more tax hikes to help pay for the program (emphasis mine)

RomneyCare is the government takeover of healthcare.

The second falsehood is that RomneyCare is not the government takeover of healthcare. If the government dictates what must be covered in insurance plans (as it does in Mass.) ,  then the government must specify exactly what must be covered, how it should be covered, what price you can be charged and the quality of care that must be provided. (As it does in Mass.)  

(Update Note: This is not just the normal action a state. A state might pass a law saying that health insurance plans must offer, for example prenatal care. But in Mass. it goes far beyond these types of mandates,  because they are forcing people to buy something they really do not want to buy. When people are forced to do something against their will, they will try to find ways to cheat. Knowing this, Mass. had to specify EXACTLY what every policy must cover to avoid people cheating on the government mandate. This is complete government control of health insurance) 

The inevitable ending is, as the Wall Street Journal points out in its editorial from May of last year:

“Once government takes on the direct or implicit liability of paying for health care for everyone, the only way to afford it is through raw political control of all medical decisions.”

RomneyCare has led to the government takeover of healthcare in Massachusetts.

But then, in is often used defense, he declares his dedication to the Constitution and the Founding Fathers. Instead, he shows his complete lack of understanding of Federalism.

In line with the intentions of our Founding Fathers, I favor giving each of the 50 states the resources and the responsibility to craft the health care solutions that suit their citizens best. (emphasis mine)

The Constitution does not give the power to Washington to decide what resources go to the states and it does not give the power to the Federal government to dictate to the states what their responsibilities should be for healthcare.

This is the problem with Romney. He plans to have Washington provide resources (funding) to the states to provide care to the “uninsured” 

Once the Federal government is providing the “resources” to insure the uninsured, they will pressure the states to adopt THEIR view of what should be done:

Could they demand each state must cover x % of their population or not receive their Federal grant?

Could they  demand each state must cover X procedure if they want their grant?

No. Romney will lead us to government control and many Republicans will go along with him because ‘he’s our guy’

I am reminded of the phrase “Only Nixon Could Go to China”

The phrase “Nixon goes to China” or “Nixon in China” is a historical reference to United States President Richard Nixon’s 1972 visit to the People’s Republic of China, where he met with Chairman Mao Zedong. The metaphor is often expressed as the observation “Only Nixon could go to China” or “It took Nixon to go to China”.

As a political metaphor, it refers to the ability of a politician with an unassailable reputation among his supporters for representing and defending their values to take actions that would draw their criticism and even opposition if taken by someone without those credentials.

Americans are fighting against ObamaCare. If a Democrat proposed what Romney is proposing, Republicans would be up in arms. However, ‘Romney is the only guy who can beat Obama’ in the minds of many moderates and so they turn a blind eye to his plans. American resistance will fall and the Federal Government will have control over your health care.

In the end, it will take a Republican to give the Democrats their long-sought goal of government control of healthcare. It will start with the seemingly innocent action of the Federal government “providing resources” to the states for the uninsured, but it will end in the end of private health care.

And when people look back and wonder how this happened, they will say with remorse:

 “It Took Romney to Kill Private Healthcare”


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