Romney Voted for a Democrat. So What??? (Update: OOOPS. Perry Record Not Recongnized--Satire Failed.)

UPDATE: I apologize. I thought posters here at RedState would recognize Governor Perry’s record and would recognize my sarcasm regarding Romney’s lack of conservative record (and in fact his liberal Record) Each of the following are NOT ROMNEY’s but in fact the record for Governor Perry. Romney did create a government run health system, did increase regulations, did NOT create jobs (47th of 50 states) like Gov. Perry.

TO BE CLEAR: I have marked out Romney to make clear that this was Perry’s Record)

As we now know, Romney Perry voted for a Democrat for President about 20 years ago. But look at his record since then:

He refused the temption to institute a government run health system.
He governed as a conservative as governor.
He not only balanced his budget but when revenues fell he refused to raid the rainy-day fund.
He pushed to pass legislation to limit frivolous lawsuits and instituted “loser pays”
He pushed to limit needless regulations.
He spent $400 million of his own state’s money to fight illegal immigration.
His state was clearly the largest job creator adding millions of jobs while the rest of the country lost jobs.
Reduced spending per capita during his time.
Instituted 67 tax cuts
Did not impose tax on guns.
Did not support Kennedy gun control laws.
Nominated only the most conservative candidates he could find and fought for them.
Defunded Planned Parenthood and made sure they were not given a special line in any legislation.
When he faced a tough re-election battle, he did not run.

Hmmmmm. Wait. Maybe I’m confused…Was it someone else who did this??? Is this Romney’s record? (UPDATE: Romney did support Kennedy’s gun laws, did impose higher taxes on guns,and did impose government control over health care, etc.)

Oh well. It does not matter. As long as a “Republican” wins everything will be great…