How Many People Did You Add to Food Stamps, Mr. Gingrich?

None. Well, actually 7.7 million FEWER people needed food stamps when Gingrich and Republicans took over house in 1994 and the time he left in 1998. When Bill Clinton entered office 20 million people were on food stamps. By 1994, that number had risen to 27.5 million. By 1998, after 4 years of Republican control of house only 19.8 million needed food stamps–a decrease of 7.7 million people.

Before the 2008 financial crisis, 26 million people needed food stamps. Today, 44.7 million people are on food stamps. That is an increase of 18.4 million people.

So has Obama made it better? When Obama entered office in 2008, 28.2 million people were on food stamps. So the number of people on Food stamps has increased by 16.5 million. To be fair, we have to give his economic policies a chance to work, so let’s just look at the number on food stamps since 2010. In 2010, 40 million people were on food stamps. By end of 2011, 44.7 million–another 4.7 million just between these years. But if the economy was getting better FEWER people should need food stamps.

Mr. Gingrich can not only say that Obama is the Food Stamp President, but that when Republicans gained control of the house food stamp use was still increasing. But after 4 years of Republican control in the house, 7.7 million fewer people needed food stamps.