Fox News Moves Left: Are We About to See the Birth of Another CNN?

Something is happening at Fox News. More often these days I hear the language of the Left entering their news programs. Conservative points of view are becoming more rare on Fox and/or are treated with scorn. I have not made a log of these events to document these claims, but as someone who is sensitive not only what is said but how it is said, I know Fox News is changing.

CNN used to be the conservative’s choice until Ted Turner pushed it leftward. Now it appears that FOX is going the way of CNN. But why??

It may not be admitted but I believe the left’s boycott of Fox is having an effect. Big corporations cannot afford to lose any customers. The Left boycotts and refuses to buy from people who support conservative thought. The Right is believes in free speech and individualism–we do not boycott. So, any business that does not want to lose customers, ceases to advertise on conservative media. This is costing FOX billions in ad revenue because they do not get the large corporations to advertise with them.

Large corporations are the most sensitive to boycotts. Why?? Large companies have a large percentage of the market. Nearly everyone is a potential customer. If 10% of the population decides they will not buy from you, they lose a tremendous amount of sales. A small company, on the other hand, with a small percentage of the market, say 2% is not affected as harshly. It is a simple mathematical relationship. If 10% of the population will not buy from a small company, they might lose 0.02% market share, but this loss can be made up from attracting the almost 90% of the population who are still willing to buy from you. Small companies can easily make up for the 0.02% drop in sales that are lost to boycott because advertising on conservative media is very effective for these small companies. Advertising rates are low since they are not in competition with the big corporations for Ad spots and they reach a very active demographic with money to spend (conservative work and spend money)

Have you not noticed, that most of Fox’s advertisers are smaller companies? If Fox could attract bigger corporations, they would be able to charge much higher rates and make more money. It is my belief that Fox News is hoping to become acceptable enough to the Left in this country to gain big corporate accounts.

I believe this is folly. People watch Fox News because they cover news while respecting conservative views. As they move leftward, Americans will start looking for another home. Already, I get more of my news online than I get from Fox News. My hope is that conservatives on this site will document the use of Leftist language on Fox and that we can convince Fox that any Leftward move, would result in low ratings and reduced profits, but we must be prepared to look elsewhere for our news.

As I write this, I see Fox pushing the story of Gingrich being so hated that people are trying to recruit another moderate to run against him: Mitch Daniels.