Huntsman to Drop Out: Romney is in Deep Trouble

Why would a man who just got two big newspaper endorsements including the largest paper in SC decide to drop his presidential bid? Well, I give credit to these moderates— they stick together. This is a clear sign that Romney is in trouble in SC. Huntsman’s support is coming from Romney and the man who worked for Obama has again shown his true colors.

I hate to say this but it is time for conservatives to show the same loyalty to one another. I don’t care how it gets done–draw straws but someone or two someones on the conservative side should at least suspend their campaigns in SC. My thinking is once Romney starts losing he will drop like a stone. Then the conservative candidates can duke it out amongst themselves. WHY???

Republicans don’t like Romney except for the fact they think he can win. Once that is gone–the race is over for him. Why would Republicans like a man who opposed Reagan? Supported Paul Tsongas (a Democrat against HW Bush)? Instituted government health care? Spent $50,000 of his own money to oppose Forbe’s flat tax? Burdened companies with tremendous debt that led many of them to bankruptcy? Required gun owners to pay $100 to buy a gun? Allowed the legislature to include Planned Parenthood but no adoption groups in his health bill?

Romney has been talking like a conservative, but I do not buy it. Let one candidate take Romney down and the floodgates will open and then we can have a conservative on conservative contest. Not a RINO who wants to create government run health care–just at the state level. Romney proposes to fund state provided health insurance through Federal Government. This will give us government run health care carried out by the states at the behest of Washington.