Perry: What Matters

Perry needs to change the debate away from the debates.

The following is an idea for an Ad to do this:

{Commerical opens with man talking to screen:}

MAN: “I couldn’t find work until I moved to Texas” 

NEWSPERSON OFF-SCREEN (Interupting): What about the debates? 

MAN RESPONDS: Don’t you know what matters? THIS matters (POINTS TO HIS PAYCHECK) 

{Cut to doctor}

DOCTOR: “Last state’s frivolous lawsuits mean I spent more time on paperwork and unneeded tests than patients” 

NEWSPERSON OFF-SCREEN (Interupting): What about the debates?

DOCTOR RESPONDS: Don’t you know what matters? She matters (pointing to patient) 

{Cut to construction worker}

NEWSPERSON OFF-SCREEN (Interupting): What about the debates? 

WORKER RESPONDS:  Don’t You Know what matters? 1200 new jobs will be in there. Work that used to be done in Asia somewhere. Now done here in the U.S.A. See that?  THAT matters. (pointing to new large factory)

Cut to announcer: “Texas created 1 million jobs while the rest of the country lost 2 million jobs. “

{Cut to logo} PERRY….What Matters.