Like Flat Tax? Here is Another Reason to Hate Romney (as a Candidate)

Conservatives support a flat tax because we know it will create more businesses, more jobs, and better opportunities. Romney of course says he supports the idea of a flat tax but:

In January 1996, as reported by the Boston Globe at the time, Romney spent $50,000 of his own money to run a full-page newspaper ad attacking the flat-tax proposed by Steve Forbes, who was then seeking the Republican presidential nomination. The ad ran in papers in New Hampshire, Iowa and Massachusetts. Among other things, Romney’s ad said: “The Forbes tax isn’t a flat tax at all–it’s a tax cut for fat cats!”

Maybe this is why Romney’s tax plan is so anti-growth. He wants to give a capital gains tax break only to those who earn less than $100,000. Yes, so if you earn below $100K, you will now be more likely to invest. Only problem is that people who invest and create jobs earn far more than $100K.

Here is Romney’s “Bold” ideas on taxes from his website:

Maintain current tax rates on personal income
Maintain current tax rates on interest, dividends, and capital gains

Romney does support eliminating death tax and He does at least recognize the importance of reducing corporate tax rates (from 35% to 25%). This would still leave the US higher corporate tax rate than most european countries

Romney’s tax policies are estimated to reduce taxes for a family of four earning $75,000 by $167, and yet he does nothing to stimulate capital investment among people who actually have money to invest and he only reduces corporate tax rates to a european level. Will this really get our economy moving again?

Romney left office with approval in thirties (48th out of 50 governors) and decided not to run for reelection. And the only things he got done as governor were liberal. Is he really the most electable Republican?