Cowardly Romney

Huntsman did it.
Cain did it.
Even Santorum did it.

But Romney? The next potential leader of the free world. The man who will have to beat the Obama? Where is he? To busy? Cannot find time in the schedule?

Of course I am refering to Gingrich’s call for a one-on-one debate. I believe Romney has a glass jaw. He showed it in the last debate his eyes teared after those mean attacks by Michelle (Bachman) Oh come now Mitt. Can’t take a little punches? Afraid Newt will point out how as governor you were not a conservative?

Reagan debated third party candidate John Anderson. He did not have to. But he was going to be President and if he could not take a little heat from John Anderson, how was he going to stand up to Russia’s Leonid Brezhnev?

So Romney how will you stand up to Russia’s Putin or Iran’s Ahmadinejad if you cannot handle a little debate?

Defend your record Romney. I dare you. And you are supposed to be more electable? Even Perry said he looks forward to debating Obama and I believe him. You see Perry grew up poor and learned that he has to EARN his rewards. I am sure he also learned a thing or two about standing up for yourself growing up in rual Texas.

But Mitt, I understand you grew up in a different environment. Or is it perhaps because you really do not have a strong a record. You were only a one term governor and your “great” accomplishment was imposing liberal health care reform. You did a great job at running the Olympics and you were very good at running your business—gee but so is George Soros. Don’t think I would support him to be President either.

Only wish it was Perry who called you out–would be just like those good old fashioned westerns. Maybe Mitt, you should ask yourself why those sheriffs came out to face the possiblity of death? Because leaders have to stand up for what is right. Now the stakes for you are not so severe. No bullets or weapons will be used and I doubt Gingrich will throw a punch at you. All you have to do is stand up and talk and defend your record.

Besides you might do very well and quickly eliminate any doubts people have about you or your record. You could cruise to the nomination and have earned our respect and perhaps even our support. You see, you claim to be a changed man–if so prove it. Debate Gingrich or heck debate Perry if you think you can.