Haven't You Been Paying Attention? No One is Paying Attention

We, the policially involved class, think that we are enganged in some great debate and that Obama’s actions are well known. They are not. Ask Americans if they know about Solyndra, Boeing’s move to S.C., ObamaCare budget error, the actions of the National Labor Relations Board, the EPA’s disasterous proposal that would immediately close 30% of coal power plants, the stopping of new permits for offshore drilling, the FCCs decision to regulate speech, or the courts forcing redistricting that helps Democrats under the guise of minority representation.

And while you may find a few who recognize that there has been some debate on these issues, how many understand what is really at stake? Even fewer. How are Americans to make a decision in next year’s election if they do not know the issues? Will the press educate them? Sure, they will and we know they will do it with the same “unbiased” approach they have always done.

For these reasons it has always been important that the Republican presidential candidate be able to speak directly and effectively to the American people. In looking for a candidate, Republicans must find someone who can speak with conviction and be able to explain what has been happening the last years under Obama.

The candidate must be someone who is credible in their beliefs. Sorry Romney. You’ve held too many opposing views—you’re out.

The candidate must have the minimum knowledge of the issues. Sorry Cain, come on, nothing about Libya?? Don’t know what defined benefit means???—you’re out.

The candidate must know what is important to voters Sorry Bachman, you’re relentless focus on Perry’s HPV in debates when people want to know about the economy was foolish and why you collapsed– you’re out.

The candidate must be trused on national defense. Sorry Paul, but you seem to blame America first and not recognize the threats in the real world. Santorum, I’m concerned. We should trust Pakistan because we “have to”??

That leaves Gingrich, and Perry. Who can most effectively communicate the conservative message in a way people can understand. I believe people can relate to Perry so this is an advantage over Gingrich, but Gingrich is a great story teller. When the media ignores what is happening in the world that contradicts their leftist views, we need someone who can inform in a persuasive manner. Both men are up to the job, but right now to most Americans think Perry does not look like he is up to the job. If Perry wants to win, he will have to quickly convince Republicans that he is up to the job and that he can be persuasive in telling the story of Obama’s failings. Otherwise, the nomination should be to Gingrich.

Boeing and South Carolina