Dear Cain Letter

Dear Herman,

When first we met I did not know who you were, then I was reminded we met when you took on HillaryCare. I really respected your argue against President Clinton and your ability to work with numbers on the fly. I was very impressed by your accomplishments at Godfather’s Pizza. Then, there was your 9-9-9 plan. Simple and a fight against corruption by its simplicity. I was inspired.

Lately, things have changed. And its not because of those women’s charges against you. I don’t believe those women’s charges against you (well, at least not the last one and the voice lie detectors support you) In your debate against Gingrich you did not know the difference between defined benefit and defined contribution. I was willing to let this one go too, but then in the foreign policy debate you kept saying you would consult with experts to make your decision. I’ve heard you do this before in many debates and I’m tired of it. Haven’t you thought about these issues before? Then today, you were clueless on Libya. You looked like one of my students who memorized answers for a midterm but understood nothing.

I’m sorry Herman but its over. I have found someone else. Unlike you he has thought every issue out in depth. I may not agree with him on every issue but I know he will not embarass me in front of my parents (and the whole nation) He is not perfect, but I believe he knows where he will lead this country and importantly HOW TO RUN this nation.

I wish you well. You are very talented. I hope that you lead the next great company or achieve great things. I know this may seem like a disappointment but I believe God has a plan for you and I’m sure it is great–It’s just not to be president.

A Conservative Voter

P.S. If you do get the nomination, I will vote for you and pray that you surround yourself with great people and minds.