Budget Deal Must Include Toomey's Full Faith and Credit Act

Republicans should add one provision to the deal they will pass: Senator Toomey’s Full Faith and Credit Act.

Republicans should not pass this budget deal unless it has one provision. What provision is so good that it is worth passing this bogus bill? Senator Toomey’s Full Faith and Credit Act. This act provides that the Treasury must pay our national debt payments first to prevent default and sets priorities for which bills get paid first. (National Defense, public safety, social security, etc.) I would make sure the bill included ANY future Government shutdown.

“We need to take the default scare tactics off the table so both sides can sit down at the table and have a serious and honest conversation about cutting spending and instituting structural reforms to put our country’s finances on a sustainable path,” Sen. Toomey

The advantage to conservatives is obvious.

1) Any time in the future the government could not come to an agreement on the budget or debt ceiling, Obama and the Democrats would not be able to try to scare seniors.

2) It gives conservatives leverage because the Democrats would know we would be much more willing to shut the government down because average Americans might not even notice! I would include a provision that any government service that is funded by user fees (such as passports or national parks, etc) would not close during any future government shutdown.

The Democrats will refuse to agree to this stipulation at first but they will not be able to justify blocking the legislation over this one provision that I’m sure the vast majority of Americans would support.