1% Solution

Unions give large amounts of money for political campaigns. For example, teachers in NJ give over $700 of their over $70K salary to their union for political campaigning each year. Wonder why schools work for unions not students?

Who represents the person who does not work for one of the preferred classes: the government employees, the big corporations, or the unions? In short who represents the “little guy”? The answer is that if money is the “mother’s milk of politics” then the answer is no one.

That is a problem. So I propose a very simple solution. We get 1 million conservatives to pledge to match the 1% that unions but instead of supporting bigger government, we pay to support conservative candidates. If that works out to an average of $700 per person, $700 million would be available to fund conservatives. But what if 20 million agree to the 1% match? That is $14 billion.

That would work out to $32 million per congressional district each and every year. Do you think the politicians would listen to us then?

1% would be a lot cheaper than the cost of an overgrown government would impose on us in taxes.