Time Has Come to Nationalize Apple Computer

Apple computer announced recently that it made over $1.23 billion in profits in just one quarter! This is an annual profit of $4.92 Billion dollars! Apple did this on sales of $8.34 Billion. That means for every dollar of sales 14.75% went to rich people who own stock Apple—not to the rest of America. Additionally, Apple spent 1.01 Billion in selling and administration costs! This means that more than 28% of every dollar is either going to administration costs or feeding Big Computings’ profit margins. http://www.apple.com/pr/library/2009/07/21results.html Therefore, people who buy Apple computers, many of who find it very difficult to afford, are paying 38% more for computers than they should be paying (They pay $1 for something that should only be 72 cents. $1 is 38% more than 72 cents)  

Given how important computers are for the success of American business and how workers depend on using computers to make the goods and services we all need, the government needs to take over Apple computer—Nationalize now! The government has shown that it is much more efficient than the private sector. Medicare, for example, only costs 5% to administer. If we nationalized Apple, we can save that 28% profit and wasteful advertising expenses, thereby reducing the price of computers so more people will be able to afford computers.