Gov't Healthcare at Work: Tennessee Department of Health No Longer Confirming H1N1

Just recieved a robo-call from our school district (Hamilton County schools in Chattanooga). They are advising parents to keep kids at home if they exhibit flu-like symptoms, but they also stated that “The Tennessee Department of Health will no longer confirm whether students at a school have H1N1 (Swine Flu)

Therefore, we as parents are going to be kept in the dark whether or not an outbreak has occured at our kids’ schools. I understand they are trying to prevent mass panic and parents keeping kids at home, however, I feel that we have the right to know so we can make sure we take extra precautions and to ensure that the school is also taking sufficient action to prevent the further spread. When I joined my employer, they had to disclose to me the chemicals that were used on our site. But we as parents do not have the right to know that our kids are being exposed to potentially (even though remotely) deadly flu without even being notified so we can more closely monitor our kids health?